Tips for Having a Wine Tasting Party

It is getting to that time of year when family and friends gather for parties, get togethers, and celebrate holidays. If you need another excuse to have people over, then there is nothing better than having a wine tasting party. Especially if you just went on a wine buying spree to fill up your recent dual temperature wine cooler purchase from  A tasting is best suited for a small gathering, up to six people. As your guests sample the wine share, the history of each vintage, such as which grapes were used.


Have guests sample five different types of wines.  It is fine to mix reds and whites, just serve them in order of lightest to darkest. Since darker wines tend to be heavier. For six guests, have two bottles each, one for tasting, and one for drinking afterwards.


For an easy theme, select vintages that all come from a specific region, such as Tuscany, Napa, or your own state.  A rapid beverage chiller may come in handy for some of the guests that might bring their own bottle and would like to serve it at the party.


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