Wine Refrigerators & Wine Storage Coolers
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Wine Refrigerators & Wine Storage Coolers

Wine Refrigerators & Wine Storage Coolers

Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Whynter Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Whynter
Wine Refrigerators & Beverage Coolers by Avanti Wine Refrigerators & Beverage Coolers by Avanti
Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Danby Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Danby
Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Franklin Chef Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Franklin Chef
Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Chambrer Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Chambrer
Rapid Beverage Chillers by Revolutionary Cooling Systems Rapid Beverage Chillers by Revolutionary Cooling Systems

Wine Coolers, Wine Refrigerators, Wine Cellar Coolers, Built In, Counter Top, Under Counter, and Small Wine Coolers by Avanti, Danby, Chambrer and Franklin Chef

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Welcome to our Wine Cooler and Wine Refrigerator Department

Are you ready to move your collection out of the closet and into a decorative wine refrigerator? Many of us do not have the space, money, or desire for a full blown walk-in wine cellar that naturally keeps the wine cooler or warmer depending on the season. Fortunately, dual temperature wine refrigerators have come to fill the need for storage. We carry several dual zone wine cooler refrigerators, like the Avanti 28 bottle dual zone wine cooler model WC331DZD and the Danby DWC513BLS 50 bottle wine cooler that are rated best for dual temperature control. Wine coolers can also add a bit of luxury to your kitchen with various models that function either as an under the counter built in, or resting on the counter top. Several of the new models are designed with nice stainless steel features or the “always-in-style black”, to compliment other appliances. So please continue to look at our selection of what we consider the best wine coolers available online, and we provide free shipping. Whether you decide on a small wine cooler for your apartment or the large 500 bottle wine cellar refrigerator from Vinotemp, the dual control wine refrigerators will keep your white wine cooler than the under side of the pillow, but your red wine stored at a different temperature zone.

Wine is a living organism that is created through dual processes - the growth of grapes and the conversion of sugar in the grapes by yeast. Its chemical composition is very complex and fragile. Any true connoisseur will tell you that proper wine storage is essential to preserve and enhance the quality of wine. After all, when purchasing larger quantities of wines, future consumption is the intention. Correct wine storage provides the wine lover the ability to collect and store large qualities of their favorite wines to be enjoyed for years to come, and provides time for immature vintages to develop. Improper storage can damage wine and thus diminish the possibility of enjoyment.

Ideal temperatures for storing wine:

  • Blush, rose and dry white wines are best served between 46-57F (8-14C).
  • Sparkling wines and champagne tend to taste best at 43-47F (6-8C).
  • Light red wine works well at around 55F (13C) for storing and serving.
  • The deep red wines need a temperature range between 59-66 degrees Fahrenheit (15-19 degrees Celsius).

  • Wine has become very popular as more and more successful wineries break into the national market. As most wines really do taste better with age (provided they are kept cool!), it has become important to keep your wine collection in top shape.

    Danby is one of the largest household appliance marketing companies in North America, with an impressive lineup of compact, specialty and home comfort appliances to suit the lifestyles of today's consumer. Danby's reputation as a leader in the appliance market has been achieved by researching what consumers want and providing quality innovative products at competitive prices to fit their lifestyles. Our products cover a wide range of appliance needs including Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers, Refrigerators, Freezers and Ice Machines, Dishwashers, Wine Coolers, Washers and Dryers.

    Avanti Products have been leader in the Consumer Appliance Industry for nearly 30 years. They specialize in Compact to Apartment-Sized Refrigerators; Upright and Chest Freezers; Wine Coolers; Microwave Ovens; Gas and Electric Ranges; Laundry Products; Water Dispensers and Mini-Kitchens. Avanti's reputation has been built by providing quality products at a great value.

    Franklin Chef offers a variety of different sized wine coolers. You can choose a compact 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator Cellar, a 40 Bottle Franklin Chef Wine Refrigerator Cellar or select a top of the line 120 Bottle Franklin Chef Wine Refrigerator Cellar. Franklin Chef Wine Refrigers Cellars all carry view windows so that you can check on your collection without having to waste engery opening them. You can also pre-select your choice of wine for the evening's dinner and not have to stand there with the door open trying to find your favorite wine!

    For over 70 years, Marvel Industries has been committed to enhancing the lifestyle of its customers. Today, with its unparalleled line of luxury undercounter refrigeration products, Marvel is an industry leader in style, design and sheer range of choices for the discriminating homeowner. Recently acquired by world-renowned Aga Foodservice Group (United Kingdom’s leading cooking equipment supplier for both commercial and residential markets), Marvel is poised to provide exciting refrigeration solutions on a truly global scale.

    Keep your red wines cool, your beer cold and your white wines cooler with a Wine Cooler or Wine Refrigerator from Comfort, a division of

    Tips for Buying Wine

    Trust your own taste. Make sure to taste the product before committing to it. The importance of this rule will be increased as you expand your adventure into more expensive wines. A common mistake people make is buying wines which mainstream critics or friends refer to as their favorite. Trust your own palate and pick the wine you like to drink.

    Buying good wine is definitely a learning curve. Like anything in life, you will learn as much from your buying mistakes, as from your triumphs. Try many vintages, brands, and types of wine - expand your collection. While many people have a passion for particular brands and stick to them throughout their drinking lives, the reality is that they are missing out on many great wines that they will never have the pleasure of experiencing. Even if you are a conservative wine taster, try shopping around for different styles of wine, and watch your selection skills progressively develop into better wines for more affordable prices.

    Does the price of wine really reflect their quality? Simply put, if you want to drink the best wine on the market, you will have to pay a premium price. Quality products generally cost more. However, as a general rule, it would be wise to shop around for good value. Keep an eye on mid-priced wines. Quite honestly, fine wines are usually over-hyped, over-priced, and rarely deliver that extra quality. Keeping prices in perspective will allow you to pick otherwise ignored wines that lack the image of higher-priced wines. More often then not these mid-priced bottles will be of very good quality.

    Pay attention to wines that have been popular in the last few years. Last year's superstar sellers could be this year's worst vintage, and may simply be living off of its reputation. Here comes the importance of stockpiling the wines you like. For example, if one year makes for a rare pearl; make sure to by one or two cases, so that when the next year's selection comes along, you will have the appropriate reserves. As a bonus, buying wine in cases usually affords a 10% discount from most retailers.

    Wine Tasting Steps

    Look at the wine: Take a look at the color of the wine. Look for the clarity of the wine and the brilliance of the color. The wines will vary in their intensity of color.

    Smell the wine: Swirl the wine in your glass by rotating your wrist. The key really is in the wrist. Hold the rest of your arm still. The swirling of the glass releases the wine's aromas to the top edge of the glass.

    Place your nose just over and the edge of the wine glass. The aromas should bounce off this edge straight up the nostrils. Take a very deep sniff. Identify any familiar smells. Repeat, but rest your sense of smell a few seconds before you smell again.

    Taste the wine: Roll the wine over your tongue before swallowing. Exhale through your nose as you swallow. Your taste buds and sense of smell will work together and enhance the experience.

    On the second sip swish the wine around in your mouth and then swallow, exhaling through your nose.

    Use the tasting notes supplied by the tasting room as you taste each wine. Ask your host about the wine and its characteristics. Developing the skill of wine tasting takes practice. The more wines you taste, the better you will become with this entire sensory process.

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    Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Whynter

    Wine Refrigerators & Beverage Coolers by Avanti

    Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Danby

    Wine Cooler Refrigerators - Danby DWC044BLP 40 Bottle Wine Cooler, LED Display, Platinum Trim

    Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Franklin Chef

    Wine Cooler Refrigerators by Chambrer

    Rapid Beverage Chillers by Revolutionary Cooling Systems

    Rapid Beverage Chiller – Cooper Cooler Electric Wine Chiller

    Rapid Beverage Chiller – Cooper Cooler Electric Wine Chiller

    Rapid Beverage Chiller – Cooper Cooler Tailgate 12 Volt Electric Wine Chiller

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