Hypoallergenic Flex Arm Bed Reading Pillow - Cequal Bedlounge - Regular
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Reading Wedge Bed Pillows - Cequal Bed Lounger Bed Reading Pillow
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For users 5' 2" and under
we recommend the

Petite Bedlounge Reading Pillow!

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Extra Bed Lounger Cover
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    Hypoallergenic fill allows anyone to snuggle up to the bed reading pillow. Cequal's Hypoallergenic Flex Arm Bed Lounger (or Bedlounge) Reading Pillow is widely recognized as the highest in their class of quality-constructed bed lounge and bed reading pillows. Truly a breakthrough in back support bed reading pillows, the improved Flex Arm bed lounger is versatile, lightweight and beautiful with arms that adjust back and forth, up and down. Toss it on the floor or brace it against the couch while watching TV or playing Video Games. Place it on your couch or loveseat and elevate your legs for a relaxing, reclined reading break during the day.

    Don't forget the student in your life! The Cequal Flex Arm BedLounge Reading Pillow is also a contour support pillow and reading pillow! They'll appreciate the great alternative to bending over a study desk. The Bed Lounger Reading Pillow's replaceable, washable covers make it easy to keep your Flex Arm reading pillow clean.

    What is the difference between the Hypoallergenic BedLounge and Feather & Down BedLounge? The Hypoallergenic Pillow is completely identical in its construction to the Regular BedLounge Pillow with the exception of the substitution of prime feathers and down for a synthetic, hypoallergenic down. The synthetic down provides all of the same comfort and support, and is perfect for those at all concerned about allergies.

    Product Features:

    • Iinfinitely adjustable - custom fits for support
    • Fully adjustable headrest raises and lowers over a foot and moves forward 90° to cradle your head and neck with easy store side pockets for your book, medications, etc -never lose a Remote again
    • Improved "Flex-Arm" adjustable arm rests flex not only in and out, but up and down as you recline
    • Hypoallergenic all synthetic padding model for those allergic to Down
    • Provides full upper body recliner support
    • Use the in your camper or RV while traveling
    • Completely portable - weighs less than 8 lbs
    • Folds up for easy storage
    • Acts as an "Easy Chair" for your bed - No struggling with pillows
    • The Bedlounge is the ultimate TV chair in a deep couch, or on the floor against a wall or sofa
    • Made with 100% Cotton or Omnifleece removable & washable slipcover
    • Highly supportive foam core with down posture pillow for comfort and softness
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    Detailed Product Description:

    Also known as the "Bed Lounge", this is simply the most durable, finest quality reading pillow available today. Now the Bed Lounger Reading Pillow has improved, flexible "Flex-Arm" armrests to go along with the adjustable headrest. Use the Cequal Petite BedLounger or Regular size Cequal Bed lounge with the Cequal Leg Lounger™ Leg Support Contour Pillow to create your own adjustable read in bed recliner!

    Ergonomically designed by leading non-surgical relief back specialist Dr. Robert Swezey, MD., the BedLounge Reading Pillow is lightweight and portable. The Omnifleece™ cover option provides a thicker alternative to the standard cotton bedlounge cover. People who are allergic to down stuffing can enjoy the Bed Lounger Reading Pillow by ordering the optional Hypoallergenic model with synthetic padding. Use the BedLounger® Reading Pillow as a Bed Lounge, while reading in bed, in deep-seated or worn couches or chairs and as a comfortable back support pillow or while kicking back on the floor, watching TV!

    Today's fast moving lifestyles seem to dictate that the only place to escape with a good book is in bed! Reading-in-bed is a marvelously relaxing way to end the day...but more often than not it results in a cricked neck and stiff shoulders...a situation made worse if you tend to doze off.

    Your back needs support when sitting, especially when you are sitting up in bed, on the floor, or on a couch. Slouching pushes the discs toward the spinal column - straining the ligaments, discs and muscles that support your neck and back.

    The BedLounge is personally adjustable. It lets you sit upright in bed superbly supporting each area of your upper body: arms, low back, shoulders, upper back, neck and head.

    The BedLounge's Posture Pillow arches your back slightly inward, like when you are standing. It helps restore the discs of your back to proper alignment so that back strain is minimized.

    Construction and Specifications


    The foundation around which The BedLounge is built is a marvel of engineering. It is a rigid, ultra-lightweight, hollow plastic frame. There are n o fastners, no adhesives or glues, no rivets hold this frame together, just well placed weld points. There is nothing to come-apart, break, separate or unravel.

    This keeps its weight to an absolute minimum. Though it is feather-light, it is rugged too.

    In fact, made entirely of polypropylene it is very nearly indestructible. Its made to be tossed off your bed, bounced off the floor repeatedly - without harm. Its also about as ecological as can be, composed entirely of post-consumer recycled plastic.


    Tilting Feature. Your head and neck naturally tilt together, upward and downward, through an arc. The Headrest Pillow rotates through a full 90 degrees. It tracks or follows your head and neck's position as you move from reading to watching TV (or anywhere in between). It has earned a patent for its unique ability to move and adapt in this manner. It maintains a gentle, nestling support to your neck and head.

    Height Setting Feature. The Headrest Pillow is adjustable in height. The Headrest Pillow is made to be positioned to your proper neck height, to your exact support and comfort level. It remains at this height by means of a specially designed friction fitting. Its height can be changed with a simple up or down movement.

    A further unique feature of the Headrest Pillow is its elliptical shape. Look at it from a side view. When rotated to set on its longer side, the Headrest Pillow's oblong shape permits a greater surface contact for optimal head/neck/shoulder support. When positioned to its shorter side the Headrest Pillow comfortably cradles your head and neck.


    The BedLounge Arm Rests support the upper body and distribute the weight load of your body helping to reduce the strain on your head, neck, and shoulders. They help support the lower back, as well. Using the BedLounge Arm Rests significantly reduces the weight of your neck and shoulders as well as the pressure on your back's discs.

    Pivoting Arm Rest Feature. Built into the frame are "living hinges". These "living hinges" allow the arms of your BedLounge to effortlessly pivot back and forth - and to automatically return back into place.

    The "living hinges" let the arms of your BedLounge hug you, giving you that perfect enveloping fit. They swing aside for easy access - in and out of bed. The BedLounge Arm Rests adjust gently inwards, as well. This allows you to adapt the width of The BedLounge to your own individual body type. You get the snug, embracing support your body needs and wants. You get a "custom fit" seat every time you use it.

    Roomy Storage Pocket Feature. The BedLounge Arm Rests each have a buttoned pocket. In them you can store magazines, channel changers, baby bottles, reading glasses, pens, pencils, calculator, the Sunday Times - whatever you need is right at your side.

    Our Satisfied Customer Testimonial Reviews Say:

    Dear Zearth Customer Service,
    I am delighted with my bed lounger pillow. I had surgery a month ago, which required that I sleep sitting up and with the addition of my two bed pillows in the "sitting" area of the bed lounger, I was able to do just that; and VERY comfortably!
    I had no trouble navigating your web site and I found the descriptions and pictures to be of excellent quality. Finally, I received my product without any problems and in a shorter period of time than expected. Thank you for the positive customer experience.
    Best Regards,

    Lenna . G - Tucson AZ

    Dear Staff,
    This is my second purchase of "The Bed Lounge". My first purchase was for my son, who suffers from chronic back problems, and he loves to read in bed. But, he could never seem to get comfortable. Well, when "The Bed Lounge" arrived he put it on his bed and began to read - and said it was great - now, he decides how long he will read - not, his back.
    One evening, when my son was out, I went into his room (off limits to others). Well, I sat on the bed leaning against "The Bed Lounge" and read for a few minutes and knew that "Mum" was going to have to order a "Bed Lounge" of her own. So, now we are a "Two Bed Lounge" family. We are very pleased with your product- no more slipping down with pillows, etc.
    Best regards,

    Dyan M. - Bethesda, MD

    I am very pleased with the Cequal BedLounge. I have an injury to my shoulder which requires that my arms are supported when sitting. The only thing I might change about the product is to add a second removable pillow for the low back. I find myself sometimes wanting more support. I will add another pillow myself, but thought the maker might be interested in feedback. Thank you.

    Patricia C.

    Wonderful service.
    I ordered from your site for the first time, and it's NOT gonna be the last. Found your site on a search, and saw that you offered quality, and "hard to find" products at good prices.
    Ordered a birthday gift for my boyfriend, and was glad I ordered from ComfortChannel, the delivery was on time, and was received in perfect order (also could kept him in suspense to open box on bday only). He opened it then, and loves the Bedlounger, was the color he liked. Also, other sites seemed limited on color variations.
    It's very easy to make contact with ComfortChannel, also I got a prompt reply to email - that's a plus. Even though I didn't have any problems with the order, it was reassuring to know the contact is easy. Good reliable site.

    P. Samaroo

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    Frequently Ask Questions:

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    Additional Product Photos:


    From Left to Right: Black, Hunter Green, Natural, Burgundy, Denim, and Navy Blue.

    The Cequal Bed Lounger and Bedlounge Leg Lounger™!

    Cequal BedLounger and Leg Lounger™ in Natural

    Cequal Bedlounge Bed Reading Pillow Colors

    Enlarge Colors Image

    Cequal Bedlounger Bed Reading Pillow Adjustments

    Enlarge Adjustment Image

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    Product Specifications:

    Width: 2' 2"
    Length: 1' 9"
    Height: 1' 10"

    Please Note: The slightly smaller Petite size is recommended for users 5' 2" and under. Click here for the Petite Size BedLounge®.

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    Pounds: 8
    Shipping Information:
    Ground Shipping:
    Please allow 2 business day(s) before shipping the Hypoallergenic Cequal Bed Lounger® Pillow.

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    Shipping Origin:
    Santa Monica, California.
    Manufacturer Warranty:
    The Bed Lounger Reading Pillow comes with a one (1) year manufacturer's warranty.

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    ComfortChannel.com Return Policy:
    ComfortChannel.com has a 30 day return policy on all products we sell. Please see our Return Policy.

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    Additional Product Information:

    The BedLounger® Reading Pillow is made with 100% Cotton or Omnifleece™ removable & washable slipcover. The frame has a high-quality supportive foam core with down posture pillow for comfort and softness.

    We are sorry, Coupons may not be used on any
    Cequal BedLounge® or Leg Lounger™ products! Thank you!

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