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Stay cool and beat the heat or night sweats with a Chillow Pillow. Many of us turn our pillows over and over throughout the night searching for a cool spot. We dream of having a "Chill Pillow" that will stay cool. The Chillow Pillow from SoothSoft makes that dream come true! You and the rest of your family will sleep comfortably through those hot nights on a Chillow Pillow. The thin, soft, medical-grade, non-electric, Thermoregulating cooling pad slips conveniently in next to your regular pillow providing a consistently, cool surface to rest your head.

The Chillow Cooling comfort device can be safely used in so many different situations; Frequent headaches? Try Chillow Pillow! Hate those hot flashes? Get relief with Chillow Pillow! Sun Burn, Strains or Sprains? Sooth the stings and aches with Chillow Pillow!!

A smart alternative to messy, dripping ice bags, the Chillow Pillow is dry, maintenance-free, noise-free and always ready to use. The Chillow Pillow is not a frozen gel pack. No wet messes to clean up with Chillow Pillow!

Product Features:

    Benefits of the Soothsoft Chillow Comfort Cooling Pillow:

  • The Chillow Pillow cool pillow is manufactured with medical-grade materials
  • The Chillow Pillow feels like cool, soft, supple glove leather
  • Chillow Pillow is approximately 3/4 of an inch thick when filled with water
  • No blowing, no noise and no cost to operate
  • Cooling activated by movement each time you use
  • Never too cold or too warm
  • Though not a cure for hot flashes, the Chillow Pillow is a popular treatment for the control of hot flashes
  • Try Chillow Pillow as a soothing treatment for headaches, hot tired feet, sunburns and more
  • As seen on TV, the Chillow Pillow was featured on "THE VIEW"
  • Extended warranty
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Detailed Product Description:

Is your sleep interrupted several times a night flipping your pillow over and over trying to find a cool spot? Chillow Pillow, the cool pillow device from Soothsoft to the rescue! The Chillow Pillow cool pillow is a remarkably thin, very soft, medical-grade, non-electric thermoregulating cooling pad that soothes, relaxes and is never too cold or too warm. A synergy between specialized materials and fluids and the laws of thermodynamics provide a dry, powerless, thermo regulating and cushioning effect; this is SoothSoft™ Cool Pillow Comfort Technology!

There is no blowing, no noise and no cost to operate the Chillow Comfort Cool Pillow. Merely fill it with water, the Chillow Pillow safely and effectively treats headaches, hot flashes, hot tired feet, sunburns and more.

Many women today suffer from hot flashes and unfortunately, there are no natural treatments available. The soothing cool pillow Chillow Pillow helps alleviate hot flashes and night sweats. The Chillow Pillow comfort cool pillow is a direct, dry, cooling comforting device that is truely effective in instantly treating the symptoms associated with hot flashes.

One recent comparative study revealed that individuals using the Chillow Pillow cooling pad fell asleep an average of 68% faster than those not using a Chillow Pillow cool pillow. The Chillow Pillow feels like cool, soft, supple leather.

Our Satisfied Customer Chillow Pillow Testimonial Reviews Say:

Dear Sir or Madame,
I found this site by using google. Your product has been a life saver to my neighbor who is dealing with side effects from chemo. It has really helped her sleep at night and she often thanks me for it. I was very satisfied with ordering from start to finish. I often order products online and am most often very satisfied.

Kathleen - Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you for the wonderful Chillow Pillow! I suffer from very bad "night sweats" and hot flashes, and the Chillow Pillow is absolutely an answer to my prayers! I saw the Chillow Pillow cool pillow on "The View" one morning and couldn't wait to get on the Internet to find it! Anyone who suffers from these "hot flash" symptoms needs to get the Chillow Pillow without delay! It truly is "the answer to a hot flashin' womans prayers!! The order also arrived in great condition and very promptly! I have already told several of my friends about this great chill pillow and they are asking for them for Mother's Day!! "Hats off to you" for a great product!! Sincerely,

Candy G. - Maumelle, Arkansas

Hi, Nice Folks at Comfort Channel! Well, had a small issue with this order. I ordered 3 Chillows and VERY promptly received 1. I waited to make sure there wasn't a back order issue or something similar, then contacted your Customer Service. The gentleman I spoke with was very nice and very helpful. We got the problem straightened out quite quickly and I already have my additional 2 Chillows. It's such a nice change to deal with a company that apparently actually cares about their customers and the services provided to them. You've got great products, a good selection and outstanding customer service - don't change a thing!
Thanks for everything,

Mary B - Dallas, TX

I love my chillow pillow! I have multiple sclerosis and heat intensifies the problems of the disease. Today I went to an on-line MS group I regularly monitor and told them all about the chillow pillow and gave them the website. It will make a HUGE difference this summer.

John & Jan S. - Martinez, GA

Hi! I can't think of a way to improve my shopping experience with your company. I order on-line quite a bit, and when my mom gave me her Christmas wish-list, I sat down to order.

One of the items she'd been wanting for a while was the Chillow pillow, but instead of getting it from Brookstone (the catalog where she found it), I did a google search and found you! I was initially looking for a better price since with the $8.99 S&H it would have cost me almost $40 to order the Chillow Pillow from them, which seemed a little steep. And while I'd never heard of your site before, I really liked it and chose to place my Chillow Pillow order with you. The site was easy to navigate, it was easy to place my order, everything went great, and the follow-up's nice, too.

As for the specific Chillow Pillow product, I liked the pictures, the description was thorough, and at $24.99, you saved me $15. $15 on a $25 product--amazing. (But I liked everything so much, I'll definitely look directly at your site from now on instead of searching around!) Thanks for the great customer care!

Beth W. - Eldersburg, MD

What a great product the Chillow Pillow is! At last I can sleep thru the night without turning the pillow 10-15 times! All went smoothly with the order, as well.

Mike K. - Upland, IN

My Dad was very surprised that the Chillow Pillow DOES, in fact, "work", i.e., it keeps his head cool while sleeping. Chillow Pillow certainly helped him while bedridden in the hospital. He just arrived home last weekend, and called to tell me he took his "Chill Pillow" with him.

MJP - Bay Village, OH

Another soldier told me last year that Chillows should be standard issues for military personnel deployed in Iraq. So, do say that the military appreciated your product would be an understatement!

Mary Ann - Camp Summerall, APO, AE

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Frequently Ask Questions:

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Additional Product Photos:

Relax in cool comfort anywhere!

Relax on a Chillo Cool Pillow in cool comfort anywhere

Use it for headaches, backaches and sunburns!

The Chilloh Cool Pillow works wonders for headaches, backaches and sunburns

Now that you want a Chillow Pillow, how about a soft real-silk pillow case? Click to buy Silk Pillow Cases from DreamSacks.

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Product Specifications:

Width: 3.75"
Height: 14.75"

When Activated:
Width: 13.5"
Height: .625"
Length: 20.5"

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Ounces: 13.6
Shipping Information:
Ground Shipping:
Please allow 2 business days before shipping the SoothSoft Chillow Pillow.

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Shipping Origin:
South Portland, Maine
Manufacturer Warranty:
The Soothsoft™ Original Chillow® Comfort Pillow is provided with a 1- year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Top of Page Return Policy: has a 30 day return policy on all products we sell. Please see our return policy. Used or activated pillows are non-returnable Return Policy.

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Additional Product Information:

The popular Chillow Pillow! As seen on "THE VIEW" TV Show and in SELF MAGAZINE and AARP MAGAZINE!SoothSoft™ Comfort Technology uses a combination of specialized foam, fluid, and a shapeable outer membrane to create a unique and superior molding effect that conforms to pressure points. It's a comfort dynamic never seen before in the bedding and pillow market.

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