Thera Cane Massager Trigger Point Therapy Tool - Back Massage tool
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The Thera cane is the best selling massage your own back tool from Denver, Colorado. Easy to use & so effective. Thera Cane Self Massagers provide effective back massage. This hand held Trigger Point Massage Therapy tool may help you to release sore muscle trigger points by yourself (trigger point self massager). The Thera Cane is also a wonderful gift for those with constant stress and in need of massage using a back cane. Buy several Thera Canes for great discounts, save up to 20% off the retail price. Volume orders are the best way to get the cheapest price. The original green theracane is the type of back pressure point self massager that your office coworkers can easily pick up and use while hanging around your desk.

Some customers have referred to it as a thera-cane, theracane back cane, backnobber theracane, thercane, thermacane, or theracane tools. Of all the massage tools online, thera cane is one of the few searched for by name and for the best price. As an authorized dealer, we sell at the cheapest price allowed by the manufacturer. Theracane, lowest price guaranteed.

Product Features:

  • Helps release sore muscle trigger points with pressure massage (shiatsu massage)
  • Easy to use for hard to reach shoulder trigger points
  • Beneficial for shiatsu treatment of Fibromyalgia trigger points
  • Allows you to "self treat" knotted muscles in your neck and back
  • May help to decrease muscular pain by means of direct applied pressure
  • May be helpful for arthritis, stroke, and spinal cord injuries
  • May help reduce pain and discomfort
  • One size fits all
  • Unbreakable injected plastic
  • Due to the Manufacturer's pricing requirements, all retailers must sell at least above a minimum price. If you buy more than one, you can get the price lower than 29.95, but you would have to order 100 or more for us to quote a price lower than 19.95 per theracane
  • Includes informative "How to use your Thera Cane" owners manual
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Detailed Product Description:

The Thera Cane Back Massage Trigger Point Therapy Tool (also commonly known as the Theracane) is one of our best sellers. A favorite back massaging tool for those who need to work out knots in their back and neck, and don't necessarily have a friend to help you. Easy to use and constructed of unbreakable plastic, the Thera Cane will provide years of use. Our satisfied customers love the Thera Cane due to its beneficial results. Help yourself to release painful muscle pressure points and find relief from knots and back pain.

Muscle pain can make us less active, more tense or fatigued. Everyday pressures and stresses, overused injuries in athletes, whiplash trauma and conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis can produce muscular or "soft tissue" pain often characterized by what many medical professionals call "trigger points." These small, hyperirritable sites in the muscle tissue sometimes refer pain to other locations as in headaches or sciatica.

Sometimes, pain can be so severe, persistent or wide spread that it requires radical medical intervention. In many cases, however, pain management clinicians and medical researchers have found that trigger point pain often responds to non-invasive, firm, physical pressure, deep in the muscle tissue. This treatment approach may be referred to as "ischemic compression," "myofascial release" "neuromuscular therapy," "acupressure", "myotherapy" and deep tissue massage among many other terms. All of these and related disciplines typically involve deep, sustained pressure directly on trigger points. Such pressure usually causes the muscle to relax, making it possible to stretch and eventually exercise back to pain-free fitness and health.

Deep muscle therapy tools, like the thera cane, allow both patient and care givers to apply the same kind of pressure to painful muscles as a regular part of everyday self-care. Our pressure point massage tools can effectively supplement professional therapeutic care for relieving muscular pain, stiffness and dysfunction.


This amazingly simple yet effective self-massager (fans call it the original green theracane) makes it easy to apply pain-relieving deep compression directly to hard, knotted "trigger points" anywhere they occur - breaking up tension even in the hardest-to-reach muscles between your shoulder blades! If you have limited strength or mobility, Thera Cane's patented design gives you all the reach and leverage you need!


Pressure applied to the muscles by the Thera Cane helps to maximize the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. This pressure aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up adhesions in muscle fibers and tendons. The increased circulation helps the muscle to work more efficiently.


The Thera Cane provides temporary relief from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness. It is simple to use and it puts relief where it belongs, in your hands. The personal involvement necessary for using the Massage Cane leads to an increased desire for people to take more responsibility for their own health. Using the Thera Cane regularly will put you in touch with your body, closer than you have ever been before, not to mention putting you in control of minor muscular aches and pains. You are never alone when you have your Thera Cane with you.


We all have muscles that occasionally get sore. It might go unnoticed until we reach for something, or bend over. Sometimes a twist or turn is all it takes. This might produce a crick in your neck or a hot spot between your shoulder blades. Either way it can hurt and it just will not seem to go away. We have all tried rubbing the muscle to make the pain lessen. However, it is hard to get in deep enough, or do it long enough, maybe you just can not reach the spot on your own. With the Thera Cane you can apply deep pressure massage to the back, neck, shoulders, legs, hips, arms, buttocks, anywhere and everywhere... and we show you how.


The Thera Cane is used by thousands of health care professionals in a wide variety of clinical settings. Therapists and Doctors from many specialties are making the Thera Cane an integral part of treatment for their patients who suffer from muscular pain and discomfort. Read what some have to say:

Our Satisfied Customer Testamonial Reviews Say:

The Thera Cane is a great product and I will continue to promote its use with my patients. Please file this under reviews theracane, Thanks.

- B. Hudson, P.T.

The Thera Cane is one of the best self-management tools I have been able to offer my patients."

- B. Headley, P.T.

Enclosed is a purchase order for more Thera Canes. The first one I purchased has been working out well." - M. Brown, M.D.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thera Canes are wonderful!" - D. Koblitz

"Your Thera Cane is making a difference between taking meds and dealing with my muscle pain drug-free."

- Susan

I ordered 2 Theracanes from your company, and received them promptly and in good order. I called your company to place the order, and called again to confirm the shipping address. Both times, your customer support was friendly and efficient. I gave my son (26 years old), the other Theracane as he exercises and works out frequently. He said it was one of the best gifts I ever gave him -- he loves it! Your price was as competitive as anyone on the internet, and much less than a local retail store exclusively selling back and posture correcting furniture and accessories. (Relax the Back, is the name of the retail store).
Thank you.

Carolyn B.

The TheraCane arrived in a short time and in good condition. I have already greatly benefited from its therapeutic value. Both my wife and I use it several times a day! Thanks for selling it at the best price on the web!

John S. - Centre, AL

I wish to commend your company for a delightful shopping experience. I received my products in almost record time! After browsing many sites looking for the Thera Cane, I found that you had the best price and I most definitely am pleased with the price, product and service. I have you bookmarked and hope to shop with you again.

Deb S. - Laramie, WY

Thank you! I am extremely pleased with the Thera Cane, the price, the quick shipping and the fact that you do a follow-up. I have already recommended this back massager to others and have given your website and toll free number to others, including my physical therapists. They use the Thera Cane in their office and will be passing along your company info to other patients. Keep up the good work! You definitely put the CARE in "Customer Care Team" and the COMFORT in

Linda S. - Baxter, IA

Yes, it has arrived, and I am using my Theracane everyday. I have sever TMD, and I have a lot of muscle tightness and trigger point problems associated with this. I am currently in PT for this, and my therapist was the one who recommended I buy a thera cane. I had never heard of it before, but am enjoying it immensely! I think it will be a valuable tool in my therapy. Thanks for the quick delivery!!

Kristen T. - Clayton, NC

Comfort Channel-to whom it may concern,
Thank you for asking for my feedback and I apologize for not getting back sooner! But the Theracane has been a great help in relieving sore areas on my back and neck and am exploring using it on my legs and arms. I am impressed how it can reach that spot that you can't quite reach or explain to another person--and I love the way I can control the pressure! It has relieved not only back discomforts but has also been great for relieving my migraine by using the theracane on those particular spots.
I have already showed this item at the hospital where I work and people have been impressed-I have given your address to some. I am an RN and work in the surgery recovery room and nurses' backs are notorious for injuries-so any thing that can help is appreciated. I am considering buying one to keep just at work for those days when I have a particular sore spot. So I will let you know.
Thanks again-it is a great product and I am spreading the word!!!

Sincerely, Denise A. - Spokane, WA

"I found your site neat and orderly. This experience was quite similar to other emails I have received. OK... I recommend you....relax and enjoy life while you still can. I guess I could use a nice massage would satisfy m... oh...wait...I guess I could use my new Thera Cane for that. Nice product."
-Bill C., Chelsea, MI

"Your site was good. I had heard about the theracane back massager from someone else and knew what to look for. So when I saw the green theracane and at the price it was, I decided to buy. This purchase was good because it arrived rather quickly, where as some just take too long. I would recommend you. Thanks for the item."
-Jennifer K., Chicago, IL

"I found your website using Dogpile. Ordering the theracanre was easy. The DVD that came with the theracane was defective. The person I talked to at your company was very helpful and had a new one sent with no problem. I am very pleased with your customer service and will order from your company again if the need arises."
-Jean W., Morrow, Ohio

"I loved this Theracane purchase! I recall your site being easy to navigate and the item arriving as scheduled. I would definitely recommend it, and saw other items that I will be looking at as well. Thank you!

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Frequently Ask Questions:

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Additional Product Photos:

Thera Cane Trigger Point Massage Tool will help you to easily massage you midback, shoulders and neck!

Thera Cane Trigger Point Massage Tool will easily ease the knots in your midback, shoulders and neck

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Product Specifications:

Length: 24"
Width: 16"

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Ounces: 8
Shipping Information:
Ground Shipping:
Orders placed for the Thera Cane Back Trigger Point Therapy Tool placed by 11:00 a.m Ship the Same Business Day.

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Shipping Origin:
Manufacturer Warranty:
The Thera Cane Back Massager comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Top of Page Return Policy: has a 30 day return policy on all products we sell. Please see our Return Policy.

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Additional Product Information:

Click here for Trigger Point Therapy Information Diagram

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